I am passionate about wildlife. I donate a percentage of all my sales in an effort to give back. Through donations I am fulfilling my desire to help in raising funds and awareness for both local and national conservation, rescue, rehabilitation and sanctuary efforts. 


If you are looking for a monetary or art for auction donation for a good cause, please contact me and tell me about it!


Blackbird Ranch

WIldlife Rehab & Farm Sanctuary 

Blackbird Ranch Wildlife Rehabilitation and Farm Sanctuary is an advocate and champion for animals. They provide rehabilitation to injured  and orphaned wildlife with the objective of returning them to their natural habitat. Blackbird Ranch also protects farmed animals from cruelty, provides lifelong sanctuary to farm animals in need and offers education and support for the community in order to inspire cruelty free  and compassionate living.

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Tucson Wildlife Center

Tucson Wildlife Center is dedicated to the rescue, emergency medical  care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife before  return to the wild, while promoting education, habitat protection and   peaceful coexistence with wildlife.

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Hoofsnhorns  Farm Sanctuary is deeply committed to helping animals who come to us in need. Abused, abandoned, orphaned, or just worn out, we open our hearts  and our sanctuary and welcome those animals with special needs, and  those who have no other option. 

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